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Changes in maternal and newborn health care in Uttar Pradesh, India

Interactions between families and frontline workers – their frequency, quality, and equity – and coverage of interventions for mothers and newborns in Uttar Pradesh, India

Research brief
Catalysing scale-up of maternal and newborn health innovations in Ethiopia

Scaling-up community-based neonatal sepsis management across a large geographical area produced challenges, yet there have also been positive and enabling factors in Ethiopia

Journal article
Measuring implementation strength: lessons from the evaluation of public health strategies in low- and middle-income settings

Measuring the strength of programme implementation and assessing its association with outcomes is a promising approach to strengthen pragmatic impact evaluation.

Journal article
Linkages between public and non-government sectors in healthcare: a case study from Uttar Pradesh, India

A study of the links between the public health system and two NGOs in Uttar Pradesh, showing frequent interaction and some reciprocity in information and resource flows, but weak participation in policy and planning.

Journal article
Maternal, newborn, and child health and the Sustainable Development Goals-a call for sustained and improved measurement [Comment]

This paper was written by measurement experts, and discusses how to improve meausrement for women, adolescents, children and newborns in the face of the new Sustainable Development Goals.

Journal article
Taking knowledge users’ knowledge needs into account in health: an evidence synthesis framework

Knowledge translation ideally creates user-friendly outputs, tailored to meet information needs in a particular context for a particular audience. A Framework should facilitate a more systematic assessment of the balance of essential characteristics required to select the best output for the purpose.

Implementation pathway report: Uttar Pradesh Technical Support Unit, India, June 2015

The Uttar Pradesh Technical Support Unit was established to provide the Government of Uttar Pradesh with technical assistance in order to improve reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child and adolescent health coverage and outcomes.