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IDEAS uses measurement, learning and evaluation to find out what works, why and how in maternal and newborn health programmes.

Building on our prior work between 2010 – 2017, which involved testing the theory of change for improving maternal and newborn health put forward by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The IDEAS team is now carrying out research in six areas:

Latest from our research

Journal article
How health care workers choose their jobs: a discrete choice experiment in Ethiopia

This study unlike many others, which interview doctors or medical students,  aimed to understand job preferences of lower-skilled cadres such as...

Journal article
Can quality improvement programmes affect health care workers’ motivation?

A knowledgeable and motivated workforce is critical for health systems to provide high-quality services. Many low- and middle-income countries

Journal article
Improved antenatal care but postnatal care remains alarmingly low

The Community Based Newborn Care (CBNC) programme encompassed nine components aiming to provide life-saving services to mothers and newborns....

Journal article
‘A seamless transition’: how to sustain a community health worker scheme

This paper, published in Health Policy and Planning, presents a qualitative study focussing on the Village Health Worker (VHW) Scheme’s...

Journal article
Health extension worker’s abilities to classify childhood illnesses don’t improve with OHEP intervention

The Dagu PhD student Theodros Getachew published this paper in PLOS ONE aiming to evaluate the association between the Optimising the Health...

Journal article
Embed capacity development within all global health research

This commentary, published in BMJ Global Health, aims to draw attention to the opportunity for capacity development within international...

Journal article
Routine health management information system data in Ethiopia: consistency, trends and challenges

The paper, authored by analysts from the ORCA project, made use of a WHO data quality review toolkit and compared data from the Health Management...

Journal article
Improving the use of focus group discussions in low income settings

This paper authored by Pauline Scheelbeek et al and published in BMC Medical Research Methodology describes how six exercises were used in 32...

Journal article
Using social media to improve routine data quality metrics

How is this all linked to social media? The study, published in BMJ Open, measured changes in data quality metrics before and after the...