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Implementation pathway report: Community Resource Person An intervention by the Technical Support Unit Uttar Pradesh, India, February 2015

Community Resource Persons are local graduate women which support and coordinate frontline workers activities, such as record keeping and home visits, and strengthen Village Health, Sanitation and Nutrition Committees for improved community monitoring of health services and schemes, in Uttar Pradesh, India.

IDEAS Phase 1: Infographic – where we work

These areas have high maternal and newborn mortality rates. Many deaths could be prevented with improved access to effective health care....

Journal article
A qualitative study exploring newborn care behaviours after home births in rural Ethiopia: implications for adoption of essential interventions for saving newborn lives.

An investigation of the sequence of immediate newborn care practices and associated beliefs following home deliveries in rural communities in Ethiopia.

Data Informed Platform for Health Feasibility Study Report, Uttar Pradesh, India

Report from a feasibility study for a Data Informed Platform for Health in Uttar Pradesh State, India

Community Based Newborn Care Baseline (CBNC) Survey Report Ethiopia, October 2014

Report on the baseline survey findings for the evaluation of the Ethiopian Government's Community Based Newborn Care package

Journal article
‘Scaling-up is a craft not a science’: Catalysing scale-up of health innovations in Ethiopia, India and Nigeria

A study of the scale-up of health innovations in Ethiopia, Nigeria and India, showing that multiple steps are required, including: planning; advocacy; using evidence; involving government; partnership, together with time, money and coordination, and the commitment of implementers, donors and government.

Journal article
How do health extension workers in Ethiopia allocate their time?

Despite dividing their time between many activities, a major component of health extension workers work includes reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health activities, showing they have an important role in improving maternal and newborn health in Ethiopia.

Journal article
Measurement of breastfeeding initiation: Ethiopian mothers’ perception about survey questions assessing early initiation of breastfeeding

An assessment of Ethiopian mothers' perception about the question assessing early initiation. Standard probes or follow on questions are required to avoid subjective interpretation of the indicator.

Research brief
What strategies are cost-effective in improving health care for women and their newborns?

Research brief summarising key findings from the systematic review on the cost-effectiveness of maternal and newborn health strategies

General Economics