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Measuring coverage of essential maternal and newborn care interventions: An unfinished agenda

published 9 January 2018

The Journal of Global Health has published a new collection of articles looking into measuring coverage of essential maternal and newborn care interventions. The introductory article explains that whilst attention has shifted to maternal and newborn health in global health there is still a need for more quality and timely data to inform policy-and decision-makers about actions to ensure healthy mothers and babies.

One of the articles in the collection is entitled Measuring coverage of essential maternal and newborn care interventions: An unfinished agenda to define the data matrix for action in maternal and newborn health  and was written by the IDEAS Co-Principal Investigator Tanya Marchant and Allisyn Moran. The two authors explain the importance of the collection in providing

“(…) crucial evidence on progress made and outstanding challenges on the road to improving maternal and newborn health using national household data (Demographic and Health Surveys; Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys) and facility data (Service Provision Assessment) on multi-country coverage of maternal and newborn care seeking and care provision. Of the 11 manuscripts in this collection, six point to the need for more high quality, respectful care provided by health professionals working in enabling environments.”