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At the onset of the Sustainable Development Goals, in 2015, a group of global health experts delivered a call to action for an improved measurement system for women’s and children’s health. Five principles were defined, including having a focused set of core indicators, making data relevant to countries, investing in innovations, embedding equity measures and supportive global leadership. Five years later, in 2020, a second meeting reviewed progress against these principles and identified gaps and opportunities for investment in the coming decade.

This commentary, published in BMJ Global Health and authored by participants of a 2020 meeting in Nairobi  sees the greatest opportunity now for measurement in MNCH in making an intentional shift from global to local actions that strengthen measurement systems in the locations where they are needed. Greater country ownership of the measurement and accountability agenda is needed to promote more context-specific actions that reflect multisectoral realities, and that are supported by a responsive and adaptable measurement community.


Profile picture of Professor Tanya Marchant
Professor Tanya Marchant

IDEAS Principal Investigator and Professor

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Professor Joanna Schellenberg

IDEAS Co-Principal Investigator and Professor