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IDEAS uses measurement, learning and evaluation to find out what works, why and how in maternal and newborn health programmes.

Building on our prior work between 2010 – 2017, which involved testing the theory of change for improving maternal and newborn health put forward by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The IDEAS team is now carrying out research in six areas:

Latest from our research

Journal article
Measuring women’s experience of childbirth care

Valid methods for assessing women’s experiences of maternity care are essential to the global efforts toward providing positive childbirth...

Journal article
Operationalising effective coverage measurement

Estimating effective coverage of childbirth care requires linking population based data sources to health facility data. For effective coverage to...

Journal article
Inequalities in effective coverage measures: are we asking too much of the data?

This commentary by Josephine Exley and Tanya Marchant, published in BMJ Global Health reviews methodological constraints that limit measuring...

Journal article
Why data falsification happens

This qualitative study published in BMJ Global Health aimed to understand reasons why healthcare providers intentionally falsify maternal and...

Journal article
How context influences quality improvement initiatives

This study, published in BMJ Open Quality, aims to understand the influence of context on the choice of change concepts implemented by public...

Journal article
To call or not to call: comparing results from face-to-face surveys and mobile phone interviews

This IDEAS-led study, published in BMJ Global Health, analysed the validity of data generated through telephone interviews, when compared to data...

Journal article
Strong political leadership drives change

This paper, recently published in BMJ Open, sets out to quantify changes in the coverage, quality and equity of essential care for mothers and...

Journal article
To use effective coverage measures in practice we need greater harmonisation and transparency

A systematic review, published in the Journal of Global Health, aimed to examine how effective coverage measures of life-saving interventions from...