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This is an external evaluation report of the prototype phase of the Data Informed Platform for Health (DIPH) prepared for IDEAS.

The prototype phase pilot-tested the DIPH strategy and job-aids by bringing together key district-level data on inputs and processes from multiple programmatic activities at the district health administration level
in two districts of West Bengal, India.

The DIPH comprises a structured set of processes involving five pre-defined steps with standardized job-aids for each step to facilitate the linking of input
and process data from health and other sectors.The evaluation aimed to understand the mechanisms and processes of the DIPH strategy for inter-sectoral data sharing and data-informed decision-making, and to provide recommendations for scale-up in other districts of West Bengal. The independent evaluation team used a process evaluation approach employing
multiple qualitative methods.

The prototype phase successfully demonstrated the DIPH to be a structured mechanism for multi-sectoral data sharing and data-based decision making using local programme and service data at district level.


Profile picture of Professor Joanna Schellenberg
Professor Joanna Schellenberg

IDEAS Co-Principal Investigator and Professor

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Dr Bilal Avan

Associate Professor