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Dissemination activity and impact of maternal and newborn health projects in Ethiopia, India and Nigeria

by Shirine Voller and

published 15 April 2015

This study aimed to document the key messages, dissemination activities and impacts of selected projects within the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health strategy portfolio, and consider how these might contribute toward the learning agenda for the strategy.

Purpose of dissemination: All projects used dissemination to achieve a range ofpurposes, from awareness-raising through to policy change, often in conjunctionwith advocacy work.

Audiences: Projects segmented their audience geographically and by type, anddifferentiated dissemination activities throughout the project lifecycle.

Key stakeholders: Projects had a sophisticated understanding of the key playersand partnerships in their operational context. They invested heavily inrelationship-building and addressing stakeholder interests.

Messages: The key messages that projects aimed to communicate fell broadly intothree categories:

1. Improvements in health outcomes

2. Improvements in care-giving or care-seeking behaviours for maternal andnewborn health

3. Improved processes needed to enable better health outcomes.

Types of impact: Project impact was primarily research-related or in the areas ofhealth service and policy. We define impact as an effect that can be attributed infull or part to the activities of a project.

Documenting impact: Few projects docmented the impact of their dissemination work.

Ways in which impacts are realised: Project data was used to inform policy and practice; innovations were adopted and adapted by others; additional funding was secured for scale-up; project tools were adopted by others; project staff were asked to give advice or to conduct further research.

Working with the foundation: Projects’ primary contact with the foundation wasthe Program Officer, but field visits by foundation staff and visits by projects to thefoundation were seen be very valuable.


Voller, S; Becker, AJ; (2014) Dissemination activity and impact of maternal and newborn health projects in Ethiopia, India and Nigeria. Project Report. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine


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IDEAS Project Manager (on secondment to KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme 2016 - 2017)

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