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The DIPH Ethiopia in its second cycle

published 6 July 2021

The Data Informed Platform for Health (DIPH) field team in the North Shewa zone of Ethiopia’s Amhara region is currently in the process of finalising its second cycle.

The teams are collecting and analysing data from 12 district health offices which are DIPH-implementing districts and from 12 non-implementation control districts.

The DIPH is embedded within the district level health system of Ethiopia and is integrated into the already existing monthly Performance Review Team Meeting (PRT) platform set by the government. The PRT assesses monthly progress towards selected indicators, which are based on the priority areas identified by the district health offices. The DIPH approach is designed as a five-step process which starts by assessing the situation, engaging relevant stakeholders, defining priorities, and developing and following-up of action plans.

In addition, the DIPH has a technology component which includes an IT platform containing job aids for district level health actors and tool kits to track progress of indicators. The DIPH Ethiopia project will run for a total of five cycles, with each cycle lasting four months.

The district health office team leaders benefit from the support they receive from the DIPH team which includes action plan development, follow up and supportive supervision. As the aim of the DIPH is strengthened decision making, district health offices unit leaders are working together with the DIPH field team to gain a clearer understanding of their data and make better use of data.

Ethiopia is currently experiencing intermittent public unrest, which has led to some interruptions in the field work carried out by the DIPH team. In one of the intervention districts all field activities have had to be paused due to security concerns.