A paper recently published by IDEAS researchers looks into links between aid effectiveness principles and how their application may influence the scale-up of externally funded health innovations.

With shrinking aid budgets around the world, oftentimes pilot interventions are funded for relatively short periods of time and need to prove their effectiveness with national governments in the hope of being adopted and taken to scale locally, regionally or even nationally. This paper published in the International Journal of Health Policy and Management, based on a qualitative study in Ethiopia, India and northeast Nigeria, connects literature on scaling up health innovations with six key principles of aid effectiveness. The analysis reveals that actions by donors, implementers and recipient governments to promote the scale-up of innovations strongly reflected many of the principles. If these were better put into practice the prospects for scaling-up innovations would be enhanced.


Deepthi Wickremasinghe

Research Assistant

Dr Meenakshi Gautham

IDEAS India Country Coordinator and Research Fellow

Dr Nasir Umar

IDEAS Nigeria Country Coordinator and Research Fellow

Dr Della Berhanu

Former IDEAS Ethiopia Country Coordinator and Research Fellow

Professor Joanna Schellenberg

IDEAS Co-Principal Investigator and Professor

Dr Neil Spicer

Assistant Professor