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This paper presents a protocol for the process and outcome evaluation of the "Optimizing the Health Extension Program" implemented in four regions of Ethiopia.

This protocol, authored by Della Berhanu and others, published in BMC Health Services, describes an evaluation of a complex intervention that aims at increased utilisation of primary and child health services. This unique collaborative effort includes key stakeholders from the Ethiopian health system, the implementing non-governmental organisations and universities, and combines state-of-the art effectiveness estimates and process evaluation with capacity building. The lessons learned from the project will inform efforts to engage communities and increase utilisation of care for children in other parts of Ethiopia and beyond.


Profile picture of Dr Della Berhanu
Dr Della Berhanu

Assistant Professor

Yemisrach Okwaraji

Research Fellow

Professor Lars Åke Persson

Professor of Public Health Evaluation

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Professor Joanna Schellenberg

IDEAS Co-Principal Investigator and Professor