Informed decisions for actions in maternal and newborn health

local data use

local data use

How can data improve implementation?

“Why is use of the call centre so low?”

I’d been examining routine data collected by Society for Family Health, a local NGO working in Gombe State, Nigeria, for a couple of weeks and the message was clear: although families knew about the call centre which had been set up to give maternal and newborn health advice, they weren’t using it. Analysing these data with Society for Family Health staff, I knew they had worked hard to raise awareness of and implement the call centre, so why wasn’t it being used?

Cross-sector collaboration is needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals: Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference

Energy and enthusiasm abounded at the Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference in Mexico City in October 2015, where knowledge and evidence were shared, discussions were inspired, new innovations were demonstrated and networks extended. Less than a month after the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were agreed by countries at the United Nations, this conference brought together both maternal and newborn health experts enthused by the need for integration and cross-sector cooperation – ways of working that are essential to meeting SDG targets.

Sharing birth data in an Indian private clinic is not what I expected

One of the most exciting aspects of my research is that it challenges my assumptions in the most unexpected ways. I had a good taste of that recently while researching whether private hospitals in Uttar Pradesh State in India, collect data on maternal and newborn health and what the barriers and enablers to sharing these data with the public sector were.

Where there’s ‘willingness’ there’s a way: barriers and facilitators to maternal, newborn and child health data sharing by the private health sector in Uttar Pradesh, India

IDEAS presented a poster at the Third Health Systems Research Symposium, Cape Town, October 2014
IDEAS presented a poster at the Third Health Systems Research Symposium, Cape Town, October 2014


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