Informed decisions for actions in maternal and newborn health

evaluation methods

evaluation methods

One house, two doors: Making sure survey numbers represent the people

“In 2012, 40% of women in Gombe State, Nigeria, received the recommended 4 pregnancy care visits” – IDEAS maternal and newborn care: baseline findings

What a compelling fact! We need facts like this. They help us to understand the health needs of a community and how we should be addressing them. But where do such facts come from, and how do we know if they reflect reality?

Using the Research Impact Framework as a tool for reflection

Research impact and uptake are in vogue – UK universities are reflecting on how their impact case studies went down in the 2014 REF, an inaugural Research Uptake Symposium was held in Nairobi earlier this year, and many excellent toolkits are available, such as ROMA, that help guide researchers, advocacy and communications professionals to measure the impact of their work, not least to satisfy their funders’ requirem

Measuring content of contacts reveals missed opportunities to deliver quality maternal and newborn health care

Content of maternal and newborn health care needs to be measured to improve the quality of contacts between families and health workers, highlights research carried out by the IDEAS project, and published in Plos One. The data supporting this analysis are now freely available online.


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