Informed decisions for actions in maternal and newborn health

IDEAS included in Centre for Evaluation brochure

IDEAS included in Centre for Evaluation brochure

Centre for Evaluation brochureIDEAS features in the first Centre for Evaluation brochure. The Centre, based at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, brings together the School's globally recognised expertise in evaluation.

Evaluation helps us to know whether interventions, programmes, policies and system changes improve health. The Centre focuses on developing and applying the methods that support the right public health policy decisions in the UK and globally.

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In practice, most evaluations are cross-cutting and the Centre promotes the internal cohesion of its evaluation activities. By doing so increases its visibility and engagement in global debates about identifying the most efficacious, effective and cost-effective strategies to improve public health and health equity. IDEAS is a cross-cutting evaluation but features in the patheways and consequences theme of the report (p9).

The Centre aims to develop and promote innovations in methodology, and improve the quality of evidence available and its uptake. It is diverse and inclusive, and welcomes members and partners worldwide. We encourage you to get in touch with us and get involved.


The Centre's work is structured around four methodological themes:

Design and analysis

The School has world-leading expertise in both randomised and non-randomised study designs brought together under the Design and Analysis theme.

Pathways and consequences

We need to know how interventions work, why they don’t if they are unsuccessful, and whether they have unexpected consequences. This requires the use of both qualitative and quantitative methods, brought together under the Implementation, Pathways and Consequences theme.

Evidence synthesis and knowledge translation

To make informed decisions we need to know not just what any individual study finds, but what the whole evidence base tells us. The Centre's Evidence Synthesis and Knowledge Translation theme focuses on these issues.

Economic evaluation

Finally we must choose between policy options. Such decisions rest on the balance between the costs and benefits of different choices. Expertise in this area is brought together under the Economic Evaluation theme.