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Capacity strengthening

Capacity strengthening

Krystyna Makowiecka, Technical Resource Centre Lead © IDEAS.

Technical Resource Centre

The IDEAS Technical Resource Centre supports measurement, learning and evaluation by strengthening the capacity key personnel in the implementation projects*. The Centre also promotes collaboration between projects, and stimulates exchange of expertise.

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Support is provided in a number of ways:

Enhancement of project measurement, learning and evaluation

We offer support that can enhance project measurement, learning and evaluation. It can take different forms, for example we might collaborate with projects to develop technical skills of key personnel (e.g. GIS or STATA), develop research tools (e.g. a costing instrument), review project documents (e.g. a research protocol, strategy document or paper for publication) and enhance quality of routine monitoring systems.

IDEAS can draw on experts at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and University College London to offer support in a range of disciplines including epidemiology, health systems, health economics and evaluation approaches.

Recent support offered
* Review of project documents including: a survey sampling protocol, project Measurement, Learning and Evaluation plan; draft survey instrument.
* Collaborated with colleagues in Uttar Pradesh state, India, to ensure data collected can be harmonised with those collected by other implementation projects in India, Nigeria and Ethiopia.
* Helped design and run a workshop in Ethiopia to enhance team-building and data quality, in preparation for a large-scale survey.

Annual learning workshops

Each year we hold learning workshops to enable the exchange of and learning from experiences implementing maternal and newborn health innovations in Ethiopia, Nigeria and Uttar Pradesh State, India. The events bring together the IDEAS team, staff from the implementation projects and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation maternal and newborn health team.

Web seminars

In 2013 we held monthly web seminars on a range of topics, including 'How to write a research paper'.

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Research highlights

Every month we send out highlights of research papers we think Technical Resource Centre members may be interested in. The highlights are open to anyone so please sign up.

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Independent study

We can give project staff materials (but not tutor support) from a range of modules from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine distance learning programme, such as Epidemiology, Clinical Trials, Infectious Disease and Public Health**.


We can run face-to-face courses to address suitable measurement, learning and evaluation needs, such as skills-development or training in a specific field, e.g. Excel training for data analysis, interpretation and presentation.

Members’ network support

The Technical Resource Centre connects maternal and newborn health project staff from Ethiopia, Nigeria and Uttar Pradesh, India and offers these members the opportunity to share expertise and learn from each others’ experience. The Technical Resource Centre can facilitate these connections.

* The Technical Resource Centre’s support is open to its members, i.e. staff from the implementation projects we work with.

** An LSHTM licence is agreed with grantees, which sets out the terms and conditions of access to specified modules, giving access to CDs of the study materials, but not printed texts, and grantees would have to purchase these themselves.  The licence does not constitute enrolment on a course.